Nits d´Aielo i Art, 2012, Último Esfuerzo Industrial I

Último Esfuerzo Industrial was premiered at the festival Nits d´Aielo i Art , Valencia, 14-03-2012. More info about the festival at…

Último Esfuerzo Industrial (2012)

Our work Último Esfuerzo Rural (“Last Rural Effort”) was premiered in Valencia at the Ensems festival of contemporary music in May 2004. It is composed of two complementary installations. Together these produce a poetical ode dedicated to rural life and its people with an independent and creative state of mind that is disappearing in our globalised world. At the time we combined three periods in the project: The rural, industrial and computerized eras. Now, eight years later, it is about time to dedicate a work to the mechanical and analogue era, before nobody remembers how real things work and interact.

Último Esfuerzo Industrial-2012.mp3

Último Esfuerzo Industrial is a simple and effective work. It consists of three electric motors, three frequency controllers, three contact microphones and three bass guitar amps that amplify the signals captured by the mikes. The motor speeds may be controlled with a computer or manually with analogue control units.

Its sound is extremely dynamic with frequencies parting from humming basses and pleasant mids up to acrid trebles.