Events 2023


October 11:

Concert with Aquàtica at Santa Mònica, Barcelona, in the series So I Cos, organised by BCN Impro Fest and emitted on Santa Mònica Ràdio.




July 17 until 23

Artist Residency at Forcall (Castellón), SPAIN, preparing an exhibition that will open September 28 in Forcall, being part of AVAN 03, an initiative of Rafael Tormo Cuenca.




Cantan un Huevo and a new version of Bang Spring Time  were shown at the Palacio Vizcondal, Plaza Mayor 13, Chelva (Valencia), SPAIN.

Opening: Friday June 30, 19:00 h. Until July 16.

Exhibition organised by Fundación María Antonia Clavel.


Pictures 1-4 are from the opening, 5-9 from a visit of the Chelvan Summer school.

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April 2023 STAALPLAAT  released the LP “Three Music Machines” with sound recordings of three of our first installations. For sale, as LP, or in digital format, at or contact us.




Krachtgever (1994-98)


recorded at Kunstschouw, Boerderij Oud Brabers,
Burghsluis, Netherlands, 2013


Cantan un Huevo (2000-2001)



recorded at SYNTHÈSE, Galeria La Box,

Bourges, France, 2003



Was der Wind zum Klingen bringt (1989-90)


recorded at Felix Meritis, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1990



March 10-26 our installation Acuática was shown at La Casa de las Luces, Titaguas (Valencia), SPAIN.


images from the inauguration of “Acuática”, 10-03-2023
IG Casa de las Luces