Mirlitones op de ICMC / Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth, Australië, 2013

During 14-18 August, 2013 Mirlitones was shown as part of the ICMC 2013 and the Totally Huge New Music Festival at the Kidogo Art Institute, Fremantle, Australia. For the occasion we made a new computer program based on data taken from seven planets. The length of the pipes is related to the diameter of these planets and the elapse in time of the dynamics for each pipe is deduced from day and night cycles. Each pipe is treated differently  resulting in a slow, hypnotizing, ever changing sound mix. A new phase in the development of the work.

Another, practical novelty is that the pipes were bought in Australia while all other essential materials were brought in the plane as personal luggage. A formula that can be performed worldwide with little transport costs.

August 17 bass clarinet player Krista Martynes improvised together with the installation after a short introduction on the work by Peter Bosch.

Sound recordings: (play/pause at the left part of the bars)

The 1st track is a recording from the centre of the space when working as an autonomous installation, the 2nd is an excerpt of a recording made by Johannes S. Sistermanns of the live improvisation.

Mirlitones at Kidogo Art Institute, Fremantle, Australia, 14-18 August 2013





http://www.lontanomusic.com/review-of-notable-works-from-icmc-2013/   (Mirlitones at the bottom)




Mirlitones was commissioned by DordtYart, Dordrecht, Netherlands for the exhibition Kunst Werkt, April-September 2012.

Special thanks to Günter Geiger for his assistance in the development of the software.

financially supported by Performing Arts Fund, the Netherlands