Springtide (2019)

“Spring Tide” at Wadden Tide 2019

August 31- September 29, Blåvandshuk, Denmark

This open-air event took place at the beach and the dunes of Blåvandshuk.

Participating artists:

Bosch & Simons (ES), Erick Fourrier (FR), Ingrid Ogenstedt (IS), Kate Skjerning (DK), Roger Rigorth (DE), Monique Bastiaans (BE), Stuart Ian Frost (GB), Strijdom van der Merwe (ZA), Britt Smelvær (NO), Gkøde & Partnere Arkitekter (DK), Hannah Streefkerk (NL) and Edgar Massul (PT).

Curator: Jette Mellgren (DK)
About Spring Tide:

“The theme of this exhibition is the migration of birds, a fascinating, complex, dynamic process. Through long springs, sound migrates as birds do but much faster.  However compared to the strings of musical instruments it propagates extremely slowly. So slow that it is possible to track the sound travelling through space, visually and audibly. The work is powered by the wind that blows six metal plates which hit the springs in an extremely unpredictable way.”


video of Spring Tide, recorded 29-31 August.

Note: All sounds were recorded in the huts, which function as sound chambers, most of the time not (completely) in sync with the image.


More details and pictures of Wadden Tide 2019 at https://www.facebook.com/WaddenTide/

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