Events 2021

December 2021:

Els temps de les Arts


The Catalan online magazine “Els temps de les Arts” released a page with info about our work and an interview at

Interview by Ebe Giovannini.

Editor-in-chief Josep Manuel Berenguer


November 2021:

Acuática at Museo Vostell, Malpartida de Cáceres,

October 21 – December 12, 2021

October 21 we premiered an interactive version of Acuática at the beautiful Museum Vostell.



More info about the exhibition

and about the work at



October 2021:

Acuática at RRRR-Festival d’Art I Reciclatge.

Teatro Raval, Gandía, October 13-28

For RRRR we have been working on a new version of Acuática with some significant changes in sound and image. We hung the carboys in fishing nets and premiered new valves, which offer a much wider range of air flow for each bottle individually.



Other participants: Pul&Play, Jorge Reichmann, Llorenç Barber, Trashhhhh !!!, Gràcies per la pluja, Factoría artis3.


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August 2021:

Acuática at the18th Racó dels Artesans.

Museu de la Pauma, Mas de Barberans, August 7 and 8

August 7 and 8 we gave 4 concerts with a new set-up of Acuática with 7 carboys placed on a metal structure, our first live appearance since September 2020… The concerts formed part of the cycle “Ebre, Música & Patrimoni 2021”. Paisatges sonors de les Terres de l’Ebre, an initiative of the Museu de les Terres de l’ Ebre, Sant Carles de la Ràpita.


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Más información sobre el Racó dels Artesans:


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May 2021:

En tiempo real. La Colección Rafael Tous de arte conceptual.

MACBA, Barcelona, from 14-05-2021 until 7-01-2022


Cantan un Huevo has been shown at Metrònom, Barcelona in 2001-02. A video of this exhibition was filmed and edited by Adolf Alcañiz Rodriguez. This video can be seen at the exhibition “En tiempo real. La Colección Rafael Tous de arte conceptual” at the MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, where it is shown in a video compilation of sound art, including works by Rolf Julius, Terry Fox, Lewis deSoto and Jordi Benito.



Hundreds of metal springs, originally tied together to serve as a mattress, form an extremely complex surface when put into movement. Oscillating motors cause glass bottles, placed on these mattress springs, to rattle against on another.

More about the work at and about the exhibition at…/real-time-rafael-tous…

Special thanks to Barbara Held