UEI II: Concerten in Murcia en Madrid, 21 en 23 januari 2015

Último Esfuerzo Industrial II, shot in our studio, October 2014


Último Esfuerzo Industrial II was premiered at the MEM festival

at November 7, 2014.  It was shown there  until November 29 at the

MEM Exhibition Hall, Harrobi Plaza 4, Bilbao, Spain 

More about the MEM Festival

January 2015 UEI II was performed in two live concerts, together with Matteo Marangoni:

-Wednesday January 21st, 2015, at 9 PM: Centro Puertas de Castilla, Murcia

-Friday January 23rd, 2015, at 8 PM: CentroCentro, Madrid



Bosch & Simons: Último Esfuerzo Rural II

Matteo Marangoni: Echo Moire and Lampyridae (in collaboration with Dieter Vandoren)


Puertas de Castilla, Murcia

CentroCentro, Madrid


Pictures from concert with Último Esfuerzo Industrial II, MEM festival, November 7, 2014 and in Murcia and Madrid, January 2015.


Sound recordings:

At the concerts in Bilbao the sound was being amplified only with the four bass amps while in Murcia and Madrid the sounds were sent to a mixer from the line outputs of the amps and then distributed with a bigger sound system with more spacial and dynamical control. The first 2:30 of this recording comes from Murcia, while the following 10 minutes is an excerpt from  Madrid. The concerts lasted 30 minutes.

Excerpt from concerts in Murcia and Madrid, 21st and 23rd of  January, 2015. Press at the left side of the bar for play/pause
Recording of private concert, MEM Exhibition Hall, Bilbao, November 8, 2014. Press at the left side of the bar for play/pause

Último Esfuerzo Industrial II (2014)

Último Esfuerzo Industrial II,  Chelva, October 2014

Último Esfuerzo Industrial II, Chelva, October 2014


Último Esfuerzo Industrial II consists of four electric motors, four frequency controllers, four contact microphones and four bass guitar amps that amplify the signals captured by the mics. The motors are mounted on ancient moulds for the production of cast iron from Puerto de Sagunto, an industrial town north of Valencia, founded at the beginning of the 20th century. These wooden moulds are not just pedestals they also function as sound chamber for the microphones. Together with the old second-hand motors with reduction gear and cogwheels they evoke the aesthetics and dreams of the futurist movement of an age ago. At that time, sound design and control were very limited, but now contemporary laptop performers enjoy almost infinite sonic possibilities. Último Esfuerzo Industrial II builds a bridge between these two eras with simple and direct means. The contact microphones do not only capture mechanical noise, but also the electromagnetic interferences caused by the pulse width modulation that is used for the speed control of the motors. The motors are being used as variable pulse width oscillators that produce a more dynamic and complex sound spectrum than the oscillators normally used in analogue electronic music. Their frequencies are being controlled with a computer when shown as autonomous installation and manually with analogue control units in concerts. At the MEM festival in Bilbao, November 2014, the work was exhibited during three weeks. At the opening concert only the four bass amps were used for amplification. In January 2015 two concerts were given in Murcia and Madrid. Here the sounds were sent to a mixer from the line outputs of the amps and then distributed with a large sound system with more spatial and dynamic control: an intense and immersive experience lasting 30 minutes. In future performances the work may be expanded to 5 or 6 motors.


Special thanks to FCV Patrimonio Industrial Puerto de Sagunto for providing us with cast iron moulds from their collection.