Werken 2009-2016


Último Esfuerzo Industrial consists of four electric motors, four frequency controllers, four contact microphones and four bass guitar amps. The piece evokes aesthetics and dreams of the futurist movement of an age ago.

WILBERFORCES (2012-2013)

Wilberforces is a new work within our long series of vibratory projects. The title refers directly to a phenomenon from science, the Wilberforce Pendulum. This pendulum is nothing more than a hung metal spring with below it a central weight plus eccentric weights for calibration.

MIRLITONES (2012-2016)

Mirlitones was commissioned by DordtYart, Dordrecht in 2012. A new, improved version was shown at Kidogo, Fremantle during the ICMC / Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth, 2013.


Chutes Libres de Printemps is a project by Le 8 renversé and Bosch & Simons, a performance by two dancers, double bass and our work Bang Spring Time.

BANG SPRING TIME (2009-2016)

What you see is what you hear: Very long springs between two resonant bodies. Metal bars strike the springs and a wave is set in motion. The sound is born at the same time as the wave, and when the wave dies out the sound also fades away. Or the other way around?

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