Works 1989-1999

A Castle for Kobe (1996-1999)

A Castle for Kobe was simply a necessity. A small monument in the spirit of Japan. Not something heavy and monumental, meant for eternity, but something fleeting, portable, lightweight.

Krachtgever (1994-1998)

The Krachtgever , a 12 meter long wall of wooden crates and metal springs is probably our best-known piece for its Golden Nica, received in 1998 at the Prix Ars Electronica, Linz.

Vooruitgang (1994) and Trajectversterker (1993)

The vibrations generated in the Trajectversterker and Vooruitgang are able to transport objects over a distance on a track constructed of wooden sound chambers.

The Electric Swaying Orchestra (1991-1992)

Parametrically-driven pendulums is a well-known subject within the cadre of order and chaos theories. Unpredictable, labile equilibriums lead to situations that are impossible to control entirely.

Was der Wind zum Klingen bringt (1989-1990 / 2003)

An apparently unpredictable sequence of timbres, harmonies and dynamics are combined to create the illusion of a living object.

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