Works 2000-2008

Springtime in a Small Town (2006)

Springtime in a Small Town es una excepción dentro de la serie de nuestras instalaciones vibratorias. Está construida de una manera similar a las diferentes versiones de A Castle for Kobe, pero con cajas de madera en vez de cajas de cartón.

Último Esfuerzo Rural ll (2004-2008)

Último Esfuerzo Rural (“Last Rural Effort”) is composed of two rather different installations. Both produce sounds, big or little, always coarse, sensitive and individual. Part II onsists of giant “zambombas” (lions roars), made of ancient wine barrels, played by pneumatic cylinders.

Último Esfuerzo Rural I (2004-2008)

Both parts of Último Esfuerzo Rural produce sounds, big or little, always coarse, sensitive and individual. Part I consists of pitchforks which scratch on glass of windows to be enjoyed inside and outside of the space.

Aguas Vivas (1996/2001-2007)

Oil is sent into vibration and the surface starts to undulate, changing constantly. Light reflected onto the surface of the oil is fragmented. The results are captured with a video camera and projected on a wall, energetic and very hypnotic.

Cantan un Huevo (2000-2001)

Hundreds of metal springs, originally tied together to serve as a mattress, form an extremely complex surface when put into movement. Oscillating motors cause glass bottles, placed on these spring mattresses, to rattle against on another in many ways.

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