Events 2019


CentroCentro, Plaza Cibeles 1A, 28014 Madrid

Series VANG: Concert by Bosch&Simons with new work “Acuática”.

Tuesday, October 29, 20.00 h.

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First concert with this new project. We capture and mix the sound of air bubbles in the water of the bottles and amplify these sounds over a four channel PA system. After the concert the public was invited to come on stage and listen to the sounds from nearby.

Integral sound recording of the concert:


“Spring Tide” at Wadden Tide 2019

August 31- September 29, Blåvandshuk, Denmark

This open-air event took place at the beach and the dunes of Blåvandshuk.

Participating artists:

Bosch & Simons (ES), Erick Fourrier (FR), Ingrid Ogenstedt (IS), Kate Skjerning (DK), Roger Rigorth (DE), Monique Bastiaans (BE), Stuart Ian Frost (GB), Strijdom van der Merwe (ZA), Britt Smelvær (NO), Gkøde & Partnere Arkitekter (DK), Hannah Streefkerk (NL) and Edgar Massul (PT).

Curator: Jette Mellgren (DK)

About Spring Tide:

“The theme of this exhibition is the migration of birds, a fascinating, complex, dynamic process. Through long springs, sound migrates as birds do but much faster.  However compared to the strings of musical instruments it propagates extremely slowly. So slow that it is possible to track the sound travelling through space, visually and audibly. The work is powered by the wind that blows six metal plates which hit the springs in an extremely unpredictable way.”


video of Spring Tide, recorded 29-31 August.


More details and pictures of Wadden Tide 2019 at

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From May (until now):

cONcErn, 03430 Cosne d’Allier , France

Saturday 25 May, from 15h to 22h, reception of our works Krachtgever and Cantan un Huevo, which will stay mounted much longer, for the moment..

About cONcErn:

“cONcErn is an artistic infrastructure for art works that, for logistical reasons, are at risk of destruction, disposal or abandonment. Together with the artists, cONcErn investigates the possibilities for a recovery of the artworks “in need”. A gathering rather than a collection, cONcErn welcomes the art works in a dynamic space for storage and visibility and appreciates the diversity of contemporary creation.

Thanks to the ensemble of recovered art works, cONcErn organises educational and cultural activities, public events and round table discussions that explore the place and potential of artistic practice in the current socio-economical and ecological climate.”


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Finding Affinities”, Kunstmuseum Moritzburg,

Halle (Saale), Germany

April 27 –May 4, 2019

We participated with our new work Arrhythmia, in collaboration with Sergey Kostyrko

Video of Arrhythmia

More about the exhibition at:



Exposición del XIV Festival Internacional

Callejón del Ruido, Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico.

with Karina Álvarez, Paul DeMarinis, Fernando Vigueras, Graciela Iturbide, Bosch & Simons.

Sala Polivalente, Edificio Central de la Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico.

March 26- April 26, 2019

We participated with Último Intento Minero.

Video of Último Intento Minero

pictures of the exhibition:



Centro Cultural Galileo
 C/ Galileo 39, MADRID

February 7 – March 3, 2019

Exhibition EX5, cinco años de arte electrónico experimental

We participated with our work Último Esfuerzo Industrial III (2015)

Picture from exhibition A.N.T.,“Technological art and natures”, Galería Punto, Valencia, 2015.

more about Último Esfuerzo Industrial



, Avda. de los Reyes Leoneses, 24, León, SPAIN

January 26- September 15, 2019


Curated by José Iges and Manuel Olveira

Web page MUSAC

We participated with a video from the opening concert of the Multimediale2, ZKM, Karlsruhe, 1991, with our work Was der Wind zum Klingen bringt  and a score for this work.

complete score for concert with Was der Wind zum Klingen bringt

About Was der Wind zum Klingen bringt