Events 2016


16-11-2016 — 30-11-2016

Bang Spring Time (2009-2016)  at the  XXIII FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL PUNTO DE ENCUENTRO, organized by AMEE  at the Centro del Carmen, Valencia.


and  16-11-2016 première of Último Esfuerzo Industrial IV (Bosch & Simons + Liberovskaya)


 video Último Esfuerzo Industrial IV (2016)

First collaboration with Katherine Liberovskaya at the XXIII Festival Punto de Encuentro,

Museo Centro Del Carmen (Valencia), organised by AMEE, 16-11-2016.
Peter Bosch & Simone Simons: Live sound
Katherine Liberovskaya: Live Video and live plasma light.

Full programme of the festival:


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02-06-2016 —  05-06-2016:

Radical dB Festival at


Avenida Ciudad de Soria, 8, 50003 Zaragoza, Spain.

Friday,  June 3 we gave a concert with Último Esfuerzo Industrial II together with Marco Ferrazza and the winner of the competition, Juan Antonio Nieto.

Radical dB, Etopía, Zaragoza, June 2016

Radical dB, Etopía, Zaragoza, June 2016

Sound recording of concert with Último Esfuerzo Industrial II, 03-06-2016:

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10-02-2016 – 21-05-2016: Mirlitones at exhibition

Arte sonoro en España (1961-2016), Museo Fundación Juan March,

Carrer de Sant Miquel, 11, 07002 Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Curators: José Iges and José Luis Maire. Artists (among many others): Mikel Arce, José Manuel Berenguer, Xabier Erkizia, Ramón González-Arroyo, Concha Jerez and Javier Maderuelo.


Video of Mirlitones, recorded at the Museo Fundación Juan March, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 2016. For the occasion we changed lots of things like the types of valves we use (the work works with compressed air), the software, the length of pipes and, being the most important change, the type of membrane that produces the sound.

New article:


 Bosch & Simons, Mirlitones, 2012-16

Mike Arce, *wav, 2004

Mikel Arce, *Wav, 2004



11-04-2016 – 15-04-2016: Art and Science Festival,

9 Evenings Revisited: seminar, first phase.

Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig, Germany.

Workshop "Vibration Motor", KKW, Leipzig

Workshop “Vibration Motor”, KKW, Leipzig

Workshop “Vibration Motor” for refugee kids, together with  Angela StraubeSergey Kostyrko and Ina Schulze.

Video of the workshop by Hagen Wiel:

Web page KunstKraftWerk


15-01-2016, 19:30 h: The Wrong Biennale,

concert with Último Esfuerzo Industrial II

at “Altered Search Results” with

David Quiles, Belén Gache, Gustavo Romano, Julio Sosa y Moisés Mañas

Organised by Cristina Ghetti.

Plutón CC
c/ en Plom 5 Bajo Izq.
46001 Valencia, Spain.

Wrong Biennale at Pluton