Eventos 2020


AUDIOSPHERE: Sound experimentation 1980-2020

Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid, October 14, 2020 to January 11, 2021



Audiosphere features the work of 810 artists from 80 countries working in the field of experimental music, with a particular focus on the independent, underground, DIY and non-academic spheres, both before and after the popularization of the internet. This exhibition aims to fill a historical and cultural void by supporting and presenting the work of this international community that in most cases has been ignored in the field of contemporary art.


Curator of the exhibition: Francisco López (http://www.franciscolopez.net).


We participate with a sound recording of our work Acuática, version 2.


Acuática, versión 2

More about Acuática at      https://www.boschsimons.com/acuatica-2019/ 


More about the exhibition: https://www.museoreinasofia.es/en/exhibitions/audiosphere




Harddiskmuseum exhibition «The pioneers»

Barcú Art Fair/Festival, Bogotá, Colombia, October 13-18, 2020
















This year, for sanitary reasons, the fair has chosen for an online format created by the Updated Art Studio (UAS) of Solimán López. The virtual exhibition consist of 6 sections:

-International galleries

-Curated exhibition of independent artists

-Digital art exhibition curated by Wade Wallerstein

-Exhibition of the Fuga Foundation

-Exhibition Clorofila organized by Juan Covelli

Harddiskmuseum exhibition «The pioneers» with

Bosch & Simons, Hugo Martínez–Tormo, Inma Femenía, Rubén Tortosa, Fabien Zocco, being the first artists who supported the Harddiskmuseum, in 2015. We participate with two diptychs produced with our work Aguas Vivas.


diptych 1


diptych 2

The virtual art fair will be up from October 13 at https://virtual.barcu.com/

More about Aguas Vivas  at https://www.boschsimons.com/aguas-vivas/



Laboratorio del Mundo Vibrante, Festival Ensems, Valencia, Spain

Universitat de València, LA NAU, 18-20 September, 2020


This event consisted of two workshops and three mini-concerts. Visitors of all ages could explore the world of vibration and resonance by modifying and controlling three robots/creatures mounted on metal springs that generate surprising movements and rhythms. In the same space we recovered two works from 1993, being the very first version of the Krachtgever, a tower of vibrating boxes supported by springs, and the Trajectversterker, a vibrant wooden track on which various objects sound and move in different ways. We used these three elements of the set-up in three mini-concerts.


mini-concert, filmed by Ensems



Also part of Ensems: talks (in Spanish)


on-line talk about our work in general by Rubén López-Cano


Carmen Pardo about our work “Arrhythmia”, a collaboration with Sergey Kostyrko


All events organised by Marina Hervás and Cristina Cubells.




Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht, Netherlands,

Poème Symphonique  by György Ligeti, on-line concert, September 13, 2020.


On September 13, 1963, at the closing concert of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Hungarian composer György Ligeti’s legendary work Poème Symphonique premiered, having been commissioned by Gaudeamus. A piece for 100 metronomes which are started simultaneously, but in different tempi, resulting in a polyrhythmic jungle.

57 years later Gaudeamus presented Poème Symphonique again, with a corona flavour this time: from living rooms and other locations all over the world, via Zoom.

We were one of the participants, with our inherited metronome.



More at https://gaudeamus.nl/en/events/poeme-zoomphonique/


Summer Camp at cONcErn, Cosne d´Allier, France

8-12 July 2020



Many artists with a work at cONcErn came to the event:

Pierre Bamfort, Théo Bedard, Julia Boix-Vives, Peter Bosch, Merryl Bouchereau, Hervé Bréhier, Amandine Capion, Marie-Bénédicte Cazeneuve, Eléonore Cheneau, Chloé Devanne-Langlais, Laurent Faulon, Jenny Feal, Carole Fékété, Simon Feydieu, Julie Karabeguian, Mélissa Mariller, Anita Molinero, Nicolas Momein, Cécile Paris, Anne-Marie Rognon, Edouard Termignon.

An inspiring event and a perfect moment to do some maintenance on the works that we have at cONcErn since May 2019.


Informal concert with the Krachtgever.


Informal concert with Cantan un Huevo.


More about these works at https://www.boschsimons.com/krachtgever/  and  https://www.boschsimons.com/cantan-un-huevo/