Último Esfuerzo Rural III (2017)

Último Esfuerzo Rural III (2017) is the third project of a series of works inspired by the area we live in, the rural interior of Valencia. We are not trying to romanticize rural life; rather our work is inspired by the creativity and strength of the individuals, so typical of isolated rural communities: the individual him or herself looks for simple, but creative and playful solutions to the problems that occur in the world surrounding them (with sweat, strength and courage). Recently we started to collect antiquated metal objects from our area. The objects include large pans for boiling onions and funnels made of tin plate, way back used in the production of sausages, and ewers once made for measuring quantities of olive oil. They are brought back to life by tiny air-driven industrial vibrators. Once brought into resonance our objects recover their forgotten value by producing mysterious, hypnotic sounds: a process whereby the potential energy of once meaningful, but now dead objects, is being transformed into a spiritual experience, by stimulating their resonant frequencies in an unusually unpredictable and vivid manner. A listener can choose his own perspective in the sonic environment created by the installation by moving around below the objects. Also inside of the objects unpredictable behaviour takes place: Normally this type of vibrator is firmly mounted with bolts, whereas we attach one or two metal springs below each. This enables the vibrators to move around inside their object, propelled by their own vibration, causing different timbres and sound volumes. Each object also influences the behaviour of the others: Because all the vibrators share the air from the same limited source the activity of already sounding objects diminishes when others come to live, resulting in a fragile and complex sonic system, unpredictable in its smallest detail. In future versions we will increase the number of objects, and possibly choose objects, related to a specific site or country.

Special thanks to Günter Geiger for his assistance in the development of software and to Almazara Hnos Martínez Zaballos and Pepa and Vicenta Torralba for their ewers and pans.


Último Esfuerzo Rural III at the art fair justMAD, Madrid,

Feb 21-26, 2017

A first version of Último Esfuerzo Rural III was shown at the art fair justMAD, Madrid, being one of the selected pieces by EX, asociación de arte electrónico y EXperimental, for the Just TECH Prizes 2017.

Selected pieces:

Ting Zhang: Far and Near You and Me

Iliyana Kancheva: Image Don’t Cost a Thing

Andrei Thomaz: Hourglass

Bosch & Simons: Último Esfuerzo Rural III


More about the art fair: www.justmad.es

images and sound recording from MADRID (two concerts, each of 5 minutes).

Último Esfuerzo Rural III at Museo Patio Herreriano,

June 8 – August 27, 2017

at the exhibition espacio.sonido.silencios. Curator: José Iges.

images and sound recording from VALLADOLID (one concert, duration 6 minutes).

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